As much as Spanish people like to dress up in various period costumes, there is a real sense of history that extends to even contemporary times, as well as more contemporary settings. On one brilliant Saturday shortly before Christmas, my friend Cristina and I arrived at the town center to observe an interesting annual tradition: period-costume police and their vehicles. Since we were there very early, we got good pictures that did not involve the masses of residents who show up later.

The period-dressed policemen (and policewoman) were supporting a charity function to raise funds for a homeless relief project. They were very willing to take pictures with folks and show off the cars and their spiffy period uniforms. Later in the day, there was an accompanying troupe of younger folks who were requesting donations of food and money to help extremely needy families in Valencia.

But wait! There’s more! Later that day, there was an antique car show. It was very difficult getting pictures of the show because there were so many people surrounding the cars, but I can assure you that they were stunning to view. Some of the older car owners had also dressed in period clothing as well.

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