Greetings, gentle readers!

Suddenly, I find myself with more travel than I expect. In January, I was in Spain. In February (albeit early in the month), Michael and I travelled to Mobile for their much calmer version of Mardi Gras. This month, which happens to host both of our birthdays, we decided to go to Charleston, SC. As soon as I can steal the photos off of Michael’s camera, I will post a few from the trip.

Next on the agenda of this runaway train toward my goal of moving to Spain? Let’s see…

  • In April, I am presenting at the American Educational Research Association’s annual conference with one of my tribe members, Tawnya. She and I are working on a research project that considers the ability of English-language learners to work in an online environment to learn science. Trust me, you’ll get the full summary soon! The conference is in San Francisco, which means Tawnya and I will be staying with Darin and Brian, at their house in Novato. Break out the rum! As an added bonus, Michael will be joining me on this trip, and I am sure will come home with a camera full of nifty images!
  • In May, my youngest daughter graduates high school. I’m very excited for her and what her next steps will be toward her own career. I’m very proud of her!
  • In June, I have been hired to speak as the keynote presenter for the Kentucky Association of School Administrators in Lexington. This is the first time that I have worked with this group, and I am excited to meet new people. I am hoping to connect with Steve, a friend who lives in Cincinnati. He and I have stayed in tenuous touch since we were in grad school together, taught at Melbourne High School together, and actually worked at the same company twice, but never at the same times. We recently had a chance to say hi in person when he visited my district in the Atlanta area. He and his beautiful family would make that trip awesome.
  • In July and the first few days in August, I am completing my final residency for my PhD program. After that point, I should be working quite diligently on my dissertation. I am very excited, because my tribe is going, and Tawnya, Darin, Brian, and I are renting a house on the outskirts of Paris instead of staying at the residency hotel. Did I say Paris? I meant Paris, France. Aside from airport experiences, I have not been in Paris since 2000 or 2001, and I am really looking forward to travelling with my tribe again!

That leads us to the line in the sand. Since returning from Valencia earlier this year, I realized that the timing of my move to Spain was really up to me. Okay, I knew that before, but it was suddenly MUCH more clear. I have decided that my moving goal date is September 15, which is a little less than six months from this posting. I’m still getting used to the idea, but it feels pretty good at this point.

Suddenly, the year seems very short! Oscar Wilde’s quote comes to mind: “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

To be honest, making this decision is really giving me some relief. After several years of thinking, planning, hoping, and changing, I am glad to have a date to use as a focus point for my move.

My next post will feature some Charleston, SC pics. Woo hoo!