April 7

A Mix of Valencia Fallas 2015: Part 2

I know, I know, Fallas was several weeks ago. My apologies, Gentle Reader, because I have been occupied by things that limited my time to work on the blog. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that I have neglected you somewhat. Don’t worry, though, because there is more coming up in the next several posts! I did a little traveling over Easter, and have plenty of pictures to share. In the meantime, here are the final pictures from Las Fallas that I wanted you to see.

One note: Please forgive the lighting on some of these photos. The weather was abysmal the final week of Las Fallas, and you may remember that my camera tends to capture less-than-good images when the lighting is bad.

Falla Na Jordana’s falla is where we left off, so let’s continue…

DSCN6768 copy

DSCN6769 copy

Behind Falla Na Jordana was a whole festival of events, and the ninot infantíl was being assembled.

DSCN6770 copy

DSCN6771 copy

DSCN6772 copy

DSCN6773 copy


Interesting and well-done theme. However, set against the background of Torres Serrano, this falla pokes fun at tourists, dogs, and people who need more time developing skateboarding skills!

DSCN6775 copy

DSCN6776 copy

I find the “unwrapping” of the fallas kind of interesting, and you might think so, too. This falla was being assembled, but the faces of the fallas were hidden under black plastic hoods.

DSCN6779 copy

DSCN6780 copy

This falla’s theme is pink flamingos, and is a satirical nod to the Andalucía and the south of Spain. I found the face on the main flamingo pretty funny!

DSCN6946 copy

DSCN6947 copy

DSCN6948 copy

DSCN6949 copy

DSCN6950 copy

DSCN6956 copy

Remember when I told you about the Bankia “Black Card”? See what these guys are holding?




DSCN6957 copy

DSCN6958 copy

DSCN6960 copy

DSCN6961 copy

DSCN6962 copy

DSCN6964 copy

DSCN6965 copy

DSCN6983 copy

DSCN6984 copy




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