Gentle reader, Fallas ended on March 19, and I am just now posting some more pictures from the event. The weather was really unsuitable for this past Fallas, making picture-taking jaunts a little difficult. However, I think you might appreciate a few of the pictures that I did take. Many of these were before or after activities where rambling around the city was part of the day. Thankfully, Valencia is perfect for walking around and enjoying attractions, and the activities around the festival were not only the amazing pieces of art, but the people themselves definitely made this a memorable festival.

First up, very near where I live – I believe is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde theme. This is shortly after the main part was erected, and you can see it is several stories tall.


DSCN6691 copy

DSCN6692 copy

DSCN6693 copy

DSCN6694 copy

In the city center, the falla was one of the lions that adorns the National Congress building in Madrid. Click here to see some pics of the originals.

DSCN6745 copy

DSCN6747 copy

Near Mercado Central…

DSCN6750 copy

DSCN6751 copy

DSCN6753 copy

DSCN6754 copy

DSCN6756 copy

This one was actually in my neighborhood…

DSCN6758 copy

DSCN6759 copy

DSCN6760 copy

DSCN6761 copy

DSCN6762 copy

DSCN6763 copy

Near Torres Serrano…




DSCN6764 copy

Falla Na Jordana, one of the winning entries.

DSCN6766 copy

DSCN6767 copy