It takes two things to make a great picture: something scenic and a camera. When those two things align, I have found that my picture-taking skill improves exponentially. However, sometimes you have to take what you can get. These few pictures are an example of having my camera and deciding to take a few pictures of something that was slightly out of the ordinary and very Valenciano.

As I mentioned before, the tourism industry is alive and well in Valencia. During our visit, there was a “tourism event” in front of the Plaza del Toros, adjacent to the city center and next to the train station. While this wasn’t a typical fair with vendors, the groups with booths were highlighting some of the major tourist attractions available in the city. During a walk to a nearby destination, a busload of colorfully dressed Valencianos were setting up a booth to advertise Las Fallas.

I realized, somewhat belatedly, that I had my camera with me, and in the busy street, I was able to get a few shots of falleros preparing for the event. The constant flow of people meant that most of my photos were significantly less than share-worthy, so please enjoy these.