Sometimes the beach cooperates and you have a great tale of sun-filled adventures spent playing beach volleyball, pretending to be a dolphin in the water, and relaxing with a chilly glass of sangria at a beachside bar. This is not one of those tales, gentle reader. To be honest, this is more of a tale of a relaxing day spent seeing some new sights, taking relaxing walks, people-watching, and being something more than a tourist.

Three weeks seems like a really long vacation until you compare the time you have with the people you want to see and the places you want to visit. For us, the schedule said: BEACH DAY. So we took the metro to the beach, and ended up having a great walk. The sky was overcast, and there was a slight breeze that helped make the day even more enjoyable. We were at the north end of Cabañal (or Cabanyal), and spent some time walking through the neighborhoods in the area, too.

Being close to the beach in Valencia is unlike beach communities anywhere else I have gone. Most places prepare you for the coast long before it appears, with nautically-themed storefronts and vacation homes with unfortunately whimsical names (such as SanDee Toez, Passing Wind, and After Dune Delight).

Not so with Valencia. It more or less announces that the ocean is nearby when the roads turn left or right at the sand.

As a non-traditional beach day, this was an excellent way to spend the day. Maybe not so many stories or sunburn, but plenty of fresh air and lovely views.