In a recent conversation with a friend, she commented on the amount of non-grassy or non-tree areas in my photos. Looking through my pictures, I have to agree that the green space is not as prominent as I feel it should be. While I have emphasized green spaces in Valencia in previous posts, this post gives a more complete picture of the abundance of green space to enjoy in the city.

In the United States, we often see large areas of undeveloped land surrounding our cities, Here, in a European city with a deep history, Valencia has identified and protected areas where people could enjoy the outdoors in a more natural setting. Whether it’s a park, a walking path, or a strange corner between buildings, the park benches, shady trees, and grassy areas of Valencia are easy to find.

Many of these pictures were taken in the Túria River, but others were taken elsewhere in the city. Yes, it’s going to be a little harder to find undeveloped land in the older parts of the city, but in the newer parts of Valencia, there are parks built into pretty much every neighborhood and benches to enjoy the scenery.