During our trip to Valencia, we took the train to Ribarroja del Túria (in Valenciano, Riba-Roja de Túria). It was the first time using the Valencia Metro on this trip, and I was quickly reminded of what a great transportation a subway system can be. It was a beautiful, breezy day, and this was the perfect Sunday afternoon trip to spend time with some lovely people. I have mentioned the Túria River before because it is the same riverbed that I have often mentioned in other posts. Like the Mississippi River in the United States, the Túria River plays a major part in the development of Spain. It stretches from Teruel down to Valencia, where the river was diverted after catastrophic flooding. Here in Riba Roja (or the Red Banks of the Túria), the town surrounds a lovely park area where the river flows toward the ocean.

The train ride to Riba-Roja is about a 30-minute ride (on Line #9), with plenty to watch on the way. We started at one end of the metro system and basically rode the train all the way out. I took some pictures (see below) but they are mostly through the metro car window. Gentle readers, please accept my apologies for any glare or other photographic amateurity that may impede your enjoyment of the photos. Once we left the train, we took an easy walk to the city square. In the picture below, that’s where you can see the blue dome of the cathedral.

As with many towns around Spain, the picturesque quality of the blue sky, the textures of the mountains and trees, and the sweeping horizon all make for a great day out. If you are so inclined, you can also walk or take a bike ride from Valencia, traveling along the river on trails through some beautiful scenery. If you are looking for an afternoon out of the city and some new places to walk, I do recommend visiting. There are new outdoor adventure businesses in the area, a very nice park to visit (Parque Maldonado), and really, it’s a very convenient way to see more of the local towns surrounding Valencia. There’s even a castle and museum, but I haven’t been to those attractions yet.

In the pictures below, you can see a sago palm farm, lovely homes, some neatly-organized farms, and what some of the Valencian countryside looks like. You might also note that the train looks super clean… which is actually pretty normal.