June 26

2018: A Whole Different View


Upon occasion, I think it’s a good idea to look at some slightly different views of any city. I’m not talking about the super-scenic or the tourist-laden attractions that most people see, but about the real life that is lived in the everyday streets. For this vignette, I decided to take a few pictures from our hotel, which had a commanding view of nothing terribly special. However, the reality is that the view from our hotel was exactly what I wanted to see. We could easily walk to all of the touristy areas, but what we really wanted was to experience life.

Our hotel was in an interesting area, with views (and short walks!) to the City of Arts and Sciences, the Valencia Port, and nearby apartment buildings. The hotel was also adjacent to a school, so there are a couple of photos of that, too. When looking at these photos, you can’t see the little bars and cafes that make walking in Valencia such a treat. The streets were alive all day long: In the evenings, people walked to dinner; in the afternoons, grandparents would walk home with their grandchildren; and in the mornings, mothers and fathers would take their children to school, hands clasped as they crossed the streets together.

I am very thankful that my time in Valencia reminded me that there are other ways to live that include walking to the supermarket, the bakery, and the green grocer. The pictures remind me how diverse and interesting my own places can be, if I simply open my eyes and look around.

(Note: I do recommend the hotel… they took very good care of us: AC Hotel Valencia)


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