May 31

2018: A Collection of Buildings is Not a City


It’s true: a collection of buildings does not make a city. What it can make, however, is a quite amazing visual attraction that sets Valencia apart of from many other cities in the world. I’ve already mentioned the City of Arts and Sciences many times in my blog, and even included a number of pictures in previous posts (here is the best one), but the weather was most cooperative for this trip.

The architecture is amazing, and designed by Valencia’s own Santiago Calatrava, and the structures are unique enough to be featured in the film Tomorrowland in 2015. The City of Arts and Sciences acted as a backdrop and seeing the production process was kind of fun while I was living in Valencia. Whether you like the film or not (your choice, gentle reader!), the choice of locations for some of the more surrealistic scenes can easily be recognized as you stroll along the grounds. You may also see the Berklee College of Music, an American school with its main campus in Boston, located there, too.

I will admit that the draw to the City of Arts and Sciences is largely tourist-driven. What you might not know, however, is that a number of local art and public events happen here, too. Some are free to the public, but the gardens and surrounding areas are definite attractions and very well-maintained. If you are in Valencia, I highly suggest visiting and taking some time to enjoy the unique architecture and gardens in the area. If you are lucky enough to be there when free events are occurring in some of the buildings, then you are in for a treat!

On this particular day, we had a great view in the late afternoon. The lighting was dramatic, and I thought the glass and cloud patterns made the whole view much more interesting!


City of Arts and Science, Ciudad des artes y ciencias

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    1. It is kind of amazing to stand next to these structures. They were truly built on a different scale, and the insides of the buildings are equally impressive!

    1. I know! It’s very different architecture, but also a pleasant afternoon looking at the different views and perspectives.

  1. Love the pictures! How long will you be there? Do you still have your job that is full of travel? Sorry we did not get to spend much time together but hope that will happen soon.
    Love you,
    C & D

    1. Hi, C & D, Alas, I am back in the States again. I am not traveling as much at all, and would love to see both of you. Much love, Christopher

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