June 19

2015 Summer Festivals in Valencia: The Alternative Festival


Ahhhh, summertime. With all of the rain we have been having here in Valencia, the temperature has been mild and the trees are green. The riverbed, then, becomes a great place to have festivals and celebrations of all sorts. Recently, the “alternative festival” was held in the riverbed to showcase many of the “nontraditional” ways to live here in the city. From makeshift housing showcases, book vendors, toys, clothes, and accessories made from recycled materials, to snarky political artwork, jewelry, and vegan and vegetarian food, this festival was an amazing way to spend a perfect afternoon with friends.

The fair is an opportunity to bring many different organizations, businesses, and services together in a single place to learn about their offerings. The number of T-shirt vendors alone was staggering! So much creativity in one place! As you can see in the pictures, not only was the fair well-attended, but the event was also a strong reminder that the Valenciano and Catalan languages are alive and well in this city.

With the pleasant weather, this fair was truly a treat to visit. So much to see and do, and all kinds of interesting people to watch, too. Some of the products being offered by vendors were unique and interesting, and the food… ohhh, the food… smelled amazing. I only ended up getting a slice of pizza because the other things weren’t exactly walking-friendly, but I was very pleased with my choice. What more could I ask for?

DSCN7809 copy

DSCN7769 copy

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been living there off and on in the last 2 years. I’m a vegetarian and there is a great offering for alternatives in Valencia!!

    1. I agree! More vegetarian offerings are available all the time, and I am really thankful for that! Glad you like the post!

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