There is so much happening in Las Fallas that it is easy to run across a parade, a sculpture, fireworks, and the occasional unexpected event. A friend (thanks, Gisela!) invited me to watch the daily fireworks show from her office, which overlooks the area where the fireworks are launched. I gladly accepted the offer, and on my way to her office, I ran into a dance exhibition that was, at first, two dancers. When two lines of ladies dressed in fallas gowns joined in, I was able to capture a few minutes of the event. (The lady in the front seems to be lacking in the dance instructions… but hey, she tried!) One other thing… this isn’t Plaza la Reina, it’s actually Plaza de la Virgen.

Next, the fireworks show was very close and beautiful to behold. Very, very loud. Lots of smoke, a huge number of people, and a very successful feeling of celebration filled the crowd.

Later that night, in Plaza del Pilar, there was a political demonstration coupled with singing and music. If you watch the video below, you will see the guy with the brown hat. He is singing in Catalán, a language from the coastal regions of Spain, that is very similar to Valenciano, the native language of this area. There is a lady singing (you can’t see her in the crowd) in this responsive piece, too. Here’s the interesting thing: they are both being given their singing lines from someone whispering in their ear. How is that for multi-tasking?

Finally, there was a whole lot more music, and the celebratory mood of Las Fallas was invigorating (during) and exhausting (after). It was a treat to experience all of these things in one day.

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