March 12

2014 Fallas Light and Music Show

Competition. If there is one thing that Spaniards believe in, it is a healthy competition. That principle was applied to the Fallas events years ago, and today, spectators can marvel at the results of creativity and innovation. Last weekend, there was a spectacular light show in the streets of Cuba-Puerto Rico and Sueca-Literato Azorin. This is the same corner where I took pictures of a miniature Eiffel Tower and an incredible Falla sculpture two years ago.

The word “amazing” just doesn’t cut it. Over the next couple of days, I have several videos to show you how the lights were more than just decoration… they are part of elaborate performances. Make your reservations now to visit Las Fallas in 2015!

There are two towers here in Valencia from the original city, and the gates for this street are meant to be Torres de Quart. That is where the similarity ends, because these structures go far beyond “interesting” and into the world of imagination. See for yourself!

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Calle de Cuba, lights

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  1. I agree with Joyce, totally blown away by the intricacy, the details, the beauty of it all. Wow!

    1. Even in the daytime, it has a certain beauty of white frames in a sort of cathedral arrangement. Lots of money must go into that!

    1. I am not sure when they start assembling it, but it can’t go up too early because it creates a total traffic disruption. Typically, nothing is seen until 1 March. They have lots of practice with this stuff now, however, and they assemble these in huge warehouses outside of the city, then disassemble them and reassemble them on the streets. So much to consider!!!

  2. I have been using these as my “Picture of the Day”. You should see all the people that stop and say WHAAAA! I think this is when I am going to visit you!

  3. Christopher,

    This alone must be worth the whole trip, I would guess.

    And the next time one of my neighbors puts up 4000 lights for Christmas I’m sending them a link to this post. It’s not going to make their day. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    This is beyond amazing.


    1. I read that the street structures contained 1.6 Million light bulbs, and the two towers alone included 250,000 light bulbs and 670,000 micro-LED lights as well. Not for the faint of heart. Yes, 4,000 light bulbs seems like such a paltry expression of a celebration, don’t you think? Glad you like the post! It was an amazing evening… but there is more TOMORROW!

    1. Actually, I am sure Disney scouts these events for new artistic talent. It is really quite amazing! Just wait until we get to the fireworks portion of the week!

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