March 10

2014 Fallas City-Wide Excitement!

Two years ago, I was here during the Fallas season. There were incredible sights, sounds, and food, and there is the general air of a carnival here in Valencia. Even my local street has a sculpture, called a falla (pronounced as “fire” but with a “y” in the place of the “r”… like fáya). There is so much to see and do, and the official Falla schedule is jam-packed with so many activities that there are several things to do every day and night.

One of the more beautiful parts of the Fallas celebration is the lights that are suspended throughout the city across the streets. There are also parades, stands that sell churrosbunuelos de calabaza, and porros, as well as chocolate, which is basically warm chocolate pudding to dip all of these amazing foods into. Definitely bad for you, but oh, so delicious…

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Bonus… did someone say pizza, tiramisu, and chocolate cake? Or was that just in my head when a friend and I went out for dinner?

DSCN3914 copy DSCN3920 copy DSCN3925 copy


buñuelos, chocolate, churros, lights, pizza, porros, tarta chocolate, tiramisu

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  1. Oh, my!! Is it possible I missed your birthday?? If so, my apologies–I think perhaps yesterday?? Hope you had a lovely day!! Fond wishes for many more…

  2. Wow Christopher!!! I have really enjoying sharing your adventures!! I’m glad you posted the blog address on your FB post.

    All of this makes me excited for June 2015 and our trip to Scotland, my ancestral home, and England, to be part of the choir in residence at Exeter Cathedral.

    I look forward to continued stalking on your blog. :-). It’s wonderful to hear how happy you are and that you had the chance to see Lily.

    Much love,

    1. Hi, Renée! Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed my posts! Being here has been a real adventure, and I have learned so much. I am sure your travels will be as rewarding! Of course, if you want to visit Spain, there is a place for you here!

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