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I'm glad you're here! 

Here's the short version: In 2013, I moved to Valencia, Spain. I had visited Spain in 2010 as part of an academic program, and my friends and I had added Barcelona and Valencia to our travel agenda after we finished our work in Madrid.

When I got off the train in Valencia, I was charmed. When I arrived back in the U.S., I started making changes in my life to move overseas. Three years later, I moved to Valencia in 2013. I spent two years there, and ended up coming back to the U.S. for a work opportunity.

There were some amazing adventures when I returned to the US! I got married, traveled all over the U.S. (and in Dubai, too!) for work, finished my doctorate, and now have a new opportunity to return to the city I love. Since October 2021, we have relocated back to Valencia, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be back in this beautiful city.

Join me on the adventure!

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